Basement Remodeling

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Best Rated Basement
Remodeling in Columbia

Basement finishing and basement remodeling have come a long way since the days of acoustic tile ceilings and boxed-in ductwork. Today’s basements are extremely functional and the architectural details and basement design options rival those of the best-designed and most popular homes.Basements are often that forgotten room in the bottom of the house no one want to go down to. So often they are unfinished and not a pleasant place to spend time. Certainly not a space in which you would want to entertain.

But they don’t have to be that way! There are so many great things that can done with a basement. Basements generally are a lot of space. Space just sitting in wait, waiting to be used. To be utilized. To be brought to their full potential.

A basement can be turned into a great home office. The extra level of detachment from the ground floor of the house can be utilized for extra privacy and the acoustics can be great for a quiet atmosphere to be more productive. What better way to escape from the noise of the hustle and bustle of the daily happenings up above?

Do you send hundreds of dollars every year on a gym membership? Not to mention all the time invested in getting ready to go to the gym, the drive, and coming home. We all want to be healthy and active, but honestly, going to the gym can be a pain. Wouldn’t it be nice to just walk downstairs to your own personal gym? It would save both time and money! Plus, the privacy while working out is priceless.

A basement can be transformed into the ultimate game room. Throw in a full bar, and your friends are never going to want to leave. Your basement could be the place to be.

Passionate about watching movies or playing video games? If this is the case, the space underneath you is perfect. A basement is prime to be made into a home theatre.

Or many will opt to finish out their basement to add more living space to their home. Whatever the reason, this is a great idea! Today, basements can hardly be distinguished as basements, they are so clean and bright and can feel just like the living room upstairs. It can be made into a space you would be happy to entertain guests, both friends and family. And come the end of the night of a successful get together or party, your beautiful, newly remodeled basement can even act a guest room. That extra level of privacy, different from any other room in the house, is a great advantage for this. Your guest can have full privacy, lending the same to you, upstairs, as well.

Why not install a full bathroom, maybe even a small kitchen and possibly an entrance for the basement itself, and have a great AirBnB? Remodeling your basement is a great investment, it could even make you money!

And sure, you are probably already using your basement for one of the most practical uses: Storage. This doesn’t have to change! If this is key for the functioning of your daily life, that it doesn’t have to change. Well, the function that is. We can help you design the perfect and most stylish storage options that will match whatever you envision for your newly remodeled basement.

When you partner with VKB Kitchen & Bath on your basement finishing project or basement remodel, you’ll experience the latest and best in basement design and construction. We’ve designed and built thousands of basements during our more than a decade in business and take all of our accumulated experience into every project we embark on. You can be sure that when you work with us, you are working with true experts with the experience needed to get the job done right and efficiently.

Regardless of your budget or tastes, VKB Kitchen & Bath will help you create an amazing basement that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

Over the years of doing basement remodels, we have figured out what works best and what really doesn’t work at all. We have a proven approach to basement finishing and basement renovation: Client collaboration. We have found that this is key, and it has become an integral part of how we do things. What better way to design you the perfect basement than know what exactly you want.

We invite you to a meeting in our unique basement ideas center, showcasing the latest in basement design, architecture and technology. Here, you will witness a highly detailed scope of work and untold amounts of design and style inspiration. A project of this size can be overwhelming, but out expert designers will help you along the way from start to finish. We believe it is this human to human collaboration that creates a truly original space.

When we have the design and plan nailed down, you will be given a guaranteed investment cost. No one deserves to elect in the dark. Plus, we give you a guaranteed timeline for completion. Every project is different, but we typically aim for 10-12 weeks. And throughout the remodeling process, you can expect to experience attentive project management.

Want to get some initial ideas and inspiration of what we could do with your basement? At the top of the page, click on Projects and see how we have transformed some dreary basements into something fantastic, something that everyone would love.

Are you ready to make your basement into something great? The room in the house where everyone want to hang out? Don’t let one of the biggest spaces in your house go unused another day!

Call or email us today, and let’s get started on achieving your dream basement.