Bathroom Remodeling

Need Bathroom Remodel?
Is your bathroom a refuge – your own personal spa retreat? Perhaps it’s time for a remodel, and VKB Kitchen & Bath can help. With our expertise, product knowledge, and volume of experience, we can guide you through the process stress-free. Our designers can introduce you to exciting new features and ideas of what is available, and can help work your vision into a tangible reality of lovely form and superb function.


Where do you begin? Our expert bathroom designers can introduce you to the newest concepts and products in bathroom design. From there, we will help your needs and desires manifest into a plan that will optimize your space and determine the necessary elements for refined functionality. From cabinet and vessel choices, to tile, faucets, and color schemes, our team will assist in bringing your vision to life while providing a realistic and workable blueprint for the project.

Bathtubs & Showers
One of the most crucial aspects of a bathroom is the tub or shower configuration. The experience of bathing is paramount to daily life; it is critical that the layout of this area of your bathroom not only operate well, but also provide visual and emotional comfort. Bathtubs have come a long way; there are shapes, materials, and features that will revolutionize your bathing experience with softer surfaces and whirlpool jets. Showers have also morphed from blasé caverns to elegant niches of comfort and luxury.


With the added myriad of tile choices available, you will be able to create a serene and functional space that meets your needs perfectly. Let us help you explore the possibilities for your own personal home spa!