A wood deck is a great place for relaxing and entertaining, especially during nicer weather. This fact makes it even more important that your deck looks its very best so you can better enjoy its full beauty and living space potential. This is exactly where Wisa Solutions comes in…

Our Propriety 5-Step Process for Successful Wood Preservation:
1- First, an application of stripping / cleansing agent to all surfaces that will be stained.
2- The stripper is then removed along with any dirt, grime, mold, or algae using a safe, low pressure rinse with cold water. If any carpentry or repairs are needed we would perform these in this step.
3- We then apply a neutralizing agent to remove the alkaline base residue caused by the stripper and also to brighten the wood.
4- Rough sands all rough surfaces and then go over using finer sand until all surfaces are smooth.
5- Staining is the final step. We recommend using a high quality stain most suitable for your specific project. High quality stain selection is vital because it will last longer and wear better, saving you money in the long run. Inferior products contain paraffin and do not protect well from UV-rays.

The 5-step process takes a minimum of 2 days as the wood has to be allowed to thoroughly dry before staining can take place.