Performance, affordability, and diversity!
From tile to carpet, wood to stone; modern flooring has come a long way from its ancient roots. Civilization has developed many artful ways to utilize the natural resources found within its borders. The production of fiber brought wool and produced rugs, hand knotted with texture and patterns to enliven, soften, and warm your chilly floors. Tiles were hewn from stone, or fashioned from clay – from primitive to refined, some bearing ornate glazed patterns others put together in a mosaic. Wood has remained a constant, from the earliest times a staple of a well-heeled home, bringing richness and warmth – tone and dimension, a solid and enduring surface to live on.


From its origins in the east, Sixteenth century explorers brought the richness of textile floor covering to Europe. Eventually, it founds its way to America, and has become the most fundamental and appreciated element of the modern home interior. Hand knotting has been replaced with sophisticated manufacturing, with production engineered to create literally acres of creatively elegant carpeting as diverse as the textures of nature and the colors found within her.