Kitchen Remodeling

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Best Rated Kitchen
Remodeling in Columbia

We take kitchen remodeling seriously. We love it. It’s our passion. Your Kitchen remodel is important to us and we want to be involved from inception to completion because we know what a vital part of the home it is to you. A kitchen really is more than just a room in the house where food gets made. It’s not a spot of isolation. It’s a space of community and creativity to be shared and we think it’s appearance and functionality should lend toward that idea.

We here at VKB Kitchens & Baths are committed to absolute satisfaction in the complete remodel experience. We try to make it as streamlined as can be for your convenience. Whether it be a smaller project, such as only replacing cabinets or select countertops or lighting, to doing a complete tear-out and remodel, we make great strides to understand you and what exactly you want out of your kitchen and how you want it to feel and function.That is why we employ the use of software with which we develop the exact specifications of your new kitchen in a digital version, that will allow you to see it before even a single nail is removed! If you aren’t happy with something or just want to change it at this stage, it’s so simple! This is a joint effort between you and us to create something truly unique to you. With an open dialogue throughout the creative process, ideas and design tweaks are often brought about with this visualization, and both parties are comfortable and know what exactly is going to happen in the remodel before it even begins. With the use of this technology and our years of experience, we can help manifest all your wishes and dreams for your kitchen, adapting the old and outdated to the new and improved. We offer a range of brands like Kraftmaid, Homecrest, Medallion and more to find the perfect products that fit your style and kitchen needs.

We believe communication is the key to success. From our first conversation to the final detail polish, we listen, hear, and work together. We then keep you informed with all the details as we move forward in the process. You are never left in the dark, wondering what is happening with the project or what stage it is at.

Planning is crucial to a successful, on-time completion. With the design of the kitchen, we create a thorough plan for the remodel from start to finish and we make certain to stringently tend all phases of the project in order to guarantee a stress-free no-hassle experience. No one wants to have their home under construction longer than it needs to be.

It is a fact, however, although our remodel process will be on a fast track to achievement, there will be a time that you will need an alternate kitchen. This can be an inconvenience and even difficult, but if planned for ahead of time, no big deal. Often a laundry room is near in proximity to a kitchen, sometimes offering a sink as well as counter space for a toaster, coffee maker, microwave, perhaps an electric griddle. For whatever you use most, space should be found to house it for a while. A dining room can work as well. Just be sure to plan on adjusting a little bit during the remodeling process. It’s a good idea to stock up on paper plates and cups, too. That can alleviate the hassle of washing too many dishes every night if say, your dishwasher is not available or the only sink around for use is in the bathroom. And take advantage of those restaurant gift certificates you have! Above all, keep it fun. There are good things to come. Your new and beautifully improved kitchen is not far away!

Kitchen design has evolved tremendously in the last decade, and is continuing to move toward better functionality and clever, inspired details wrapped up in the zeitgeist in design. Like home renovation in general, everything in the kitchen has been rethought and there are so many new ideas and options to take advantage of in cabinetry, lighting, storage and not to mention all of the new functionality and conveniences of modern refrigerators, stoves and the like.

The number one element we see in re-invented kitchen concepts is the island. The ultimate landing spot, it is not only for conversation and eating. It will often include the cooktop, the sink, and often even the dishwasher. Plus, think about all the potential extra storage space. Place a pot rack over head and open up extra cabinet space. It’s another great opportunity for great lighting, as well! The possibilities are endless. It’s a feature we often love to utilize in the kitchen. Have you been on Pinterest lately? If so, we are sure that you’ve seen plenty of pictures of white or neutral color schemes in kitchens. It is things like these that we are constantly looking for, the new trends, the great ideas of our time, both global and local, that make a kitchen all the more functional and user friendly.

And we aren’t the only folks who think that the kitchen is such an important part of your home. For example, kitchen appliance manufacturer Britannia Living administered a survey in which 52% of the respondents rated their kitchen as the most financial valuable room in their house. Remodeling your kitchen is a great investment, both financially and for your day to day living. A kitchen remodel will bring joy every time you enter and use it for years and years to come.

We have been remodeling kitchens in Baltimore, Columbia and the surrounding area for years. We love working with those close around us. It’s our home too. So don’t be a stranger! Go check out our “Projects” page to get an idea of what we could do for your kitchen, and get your remodel on the go now!