Kitchen Remodeling

Let Us Create Your Dream Kitchen!
Your Kitchen remodel is important to us from inception to completion, because we know what a vital part of the home it is to you. We here at VKB Kitchens & Baths are committed to absolute satisfaction in the complete remodel experience. That is why we employ the use of software with which we develop the exact specifications of your new kitchen in a digital version, that will allow you to see it before even a nail is removed! Ideas and design tweaks are often brought about by this visualization, and we can help manifest all your wishes and dreams, adapting the old to the new and improved.


Communication is the key to success. From our first conversation to the final detail polish, we keep you informed with all the details of the process. Planning is crucial to a successful, on-time completion and we make certain to stringently tend all phases of the project, in order to guarantee a stress-free no-hassle experience.

Functioning without a kitchen
It is a fact that although our remodel process will be on a fast rack to achievement, there will be a time that you will need an alternate kitchen. Often a laundry room is near in proximity to a kitchen, sometimes offering a sink as well as counter space for a toaster, coffee maker, microwave, perhaps an electric griddle. A dining room can work as well. Make sure to stock up on paper plates and cups, to take advantage of those restaurant gift certificates you have, and above all, to keep it fun! You new kitchen is not far away!


Kitchen design has evolved tremendously in the last decade, and is continuing to move toward better functionality and clever, inspired details. The number one element we see in re-invented kitchen concepts is the island. The ultimate landing spot not only for conversation and eating, it will often include the cooktop, the sink, and often even the dishwasher.